Keynote Speaker

Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface

2012 IxDA Interaction Redux @ Taiwan, April 28th




Melora Zaner-Godsey

UX design director, Yahoo! Asia Pacific
The senior director for Y!design APAC, joined Yahoo! since February 2012 with ample experience in human centered design and studio management. As part of Yahoo!'s world-class design organization, she leads the design center for the region to help transform Yahoo! and pioneer new frontiers of experience design.
Before joining Yahoo!, Melora worked at Microsoft for over 12 years, spending the last five years building and managing design studios in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. She also designed PC and mobile experiences for Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds, MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and other applications. She also served as a senior director at IDEO Shanghai focusing on the region’s digital strategy and developing creative talent for the firm’s expanding operations in Asia.


Brandon Berry Edwards

Creative director & Co-founder, frog Asia
After working three years in frog's Austin office focused on American and European clients, Brandon moved to China in June 2007 to grow frog's capabilities in Asia. In his current role, he uses knowledge of western and eastern markets to help shape corporate strategy, business development, and creative growth. Brandon leads a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary team to transform research into meaningful insights and opportunities, producing strategies, products and services beyond cultural boundaries.

The 5 Futures of Interaction Design

Technology is changing the human experience, creating new connections between people, products and markets around the world. The computer is stepping out, off the desk, even out of our pockets, to become embedded in our world, around us, on us, and even in us. With this trend, user interaction will go above the glass, beyond the screen, and beyond pixels. In his talk, Brandon Edwards will address the implications of these changes on consumer behavior, and the 5 futures of interaction design. With new technologies such as voice and gestural control, we need to design for users’ movements in space. This requires new thinking about dexterity, ergonomics, and obviously, the language of emotion.


Chen-Wei Chiang (振維 江)

Kyushu University (KU), Postdoctoral Fellow
Interaction Design Lab of KU is mainly focused on experimenting new strategy of digital media presentation combined with art performance, which involve active audiences participation. Based on those experiments, we develop a new understanding of the direction, orientation, and recent developments of human interaction design.



Hashimoto Kengo (橋本 健吾)

UI Design Manager, NHN Japan 株式会
NHN Japan’s free voice call and messenger app LINE has passed more than 15 million downloads, with strong user base growth in non-English speaking countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. 
Hashimoto Kengo (橋本健吾) - After graduating from University, I was working as an art director at a web creation agency, and went on to establish my own design company. After transferring the business to the co-founder, I joined NAVER Japan Corporation.

After the merger with NHN Japan Corporation in 2012, I continue to work as the manager of the UI design team, involved in all aspects of product design as well as participating in the creation of the "LINE"UI, a smart-phone application which has been downloaded over 20 million times (iPhone / Android combined)
* Please note that this is a tentative keynote speaker list, but almost!

Workshop Speaker

Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface

2012 IxDA Interaction Redux @ Taiwan, April 28th

Alix Chen

Director of Interaction Design, PEGA D&E

Sensor Fusion as the Future of Interfacing

I see You

知覺(Conscious)是人類的關鍵表徵。當產品開始擁有知覺,究竟是救贖還是末日? 過去感測科技侷限於自動化應用,經由環境感知讓產品提供更早於使用者的回饋反應。 未來感知將包含更深的人性意涵, 從社會及心理全面進化。 1.何謂感知 淺談回饋( Feedback)於互動設計中扮演的角色 2.感知進化史 透過實際案例分析挖掘感知應用的絕對竅門 3.如何感應使用者內心的渴望 利用角色實作的過程從各面向深入使用者喜好,轉化成為直指人心的好設計?

Albert Chen

CEO & Co-Founder, Pebbo

Next Ideation (Idea generation)


Albert Chen之前在全球知名的創新顧問公司IDEO工作了七年。期間曾任亞太區營銷傳播經理,項目經理和技術專家。 Albert曾替IDEO在亞太區推廣公司品牌,打造與客戶之間的良好合作關係。他還經常向來自世界個知名企業的管理層講述設計思維流程和企業創新工作文化。 Albert也積極參與設計團隊與客戶合作,從科技創新的角度提供獨到創新見解。

Albert擁有聖荷西州立大學的信息系統管理專業的理學士學位。他長於台灣,在溫哥華接受教育,之後移民到加州的矽谷。 Albert的中文和英文皆非常流利。除了對創新和商務的熱忱,他還關注科技如何啓發人們的生活,如何令生活更加美好。


在這次的活動中,Pebbo希望帶著大家體驗一些在Stanford d.school和IDEO常用的創新發想撇步來快速產生一些很酷炫的點子。主題先賣個關子,到時候保證好玩!


Research Designer at Microsoft Research Asia

Spatial Interaction Touchless Design

JiaWei is now a User Experience Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Group at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA, Beijing China). He aspires to work towards new pathways within MSRA and feel such a place is one of the best places to push new methods for design and research.

JiaWei love to observe, to experience, to explore, to prototype and to design.

He's interested in various forms of design research including Design Thinking, Concept Ideation, Research-oriented Design, User-centered Design, Participatory Design, User Experience Design, Inclusive Design, Scenario-based Research, Tangible HCI Research, Service Design, Cross-cultural Research, etc.

The subtlety of human behavior and emotion fascinate him. He's interested in turning such insights and observations into tangible, innovative and meaningful design opportunities and solutions. At the same time one can build an intersection between technological possibility, human desire and inspiration, in attempt to fundamentally improve lives and resonate properly with human beings.

JiaWei received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial design from the College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University in 2008. He then acquired his master’s degree in Design Management and Strategy from Tsinghua University in 2011. These are both considered the top two educations for design in China. His education background in Industrial Design and Architecture helps him to focus on problems in a logical, thoughtful and yet elegant, ‘out-of-box’ approach. His previous project and internship experiences with MSRA, Nokia Research Center, Philips, Lenovo and CBI Design Consulting have given him a far deeper understanding of human needs and desires resulting in projects which sought to empower and increase happiness.

Since JiaWei feels Design is about love, connection and communication and HCI is such an inherently cross-disciplinary field, he'd love nothing more than to collaborate with many of you, he wishes to spread Design Thinking and drive our technologies forward with conceptual visions.
* Please note that this is a tentative speaker list, but almost!

Conference Programme

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 :: 13:00pm-22:00pm


Time Activity
13:00 - 14:00 (60mins) Registration
14:00 - 14:20 (20mins) Virtual projection performance (Opening ceremony)
14:20 - 14:30 (10mins) Welcome and opening announcement
14:30 - 15:15 (45mins) Opening Keynote A
15:15 - 16:10 (45mins) Opening Keynote B
16:10 - 16:30 (20mins) Break
16:30 - 17:15 (45mins) Opening Keynote C
17:15- 18:00 (45mins) Opening Keynote D
18:00 - 18:20 (20mins) Panel Discussion with Q&A
18:20 - 19:30 (70mins) Banquet and great sharing time
19:30- 21:00 (90mins)
Session A Session B Session C

Sensor Fusion as the Future of Interfacing

Spatial Interaction Touchless Design

Next Ideation (Idea generation)

21:15 - 21:45 (30mins) Awards and closing ceremony


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

矗立的老樹、浪漫的荷花池,以及巴洛克式建築的一磚一瓦,蛻變新生 - 松山文創園區與松山菸廠。松山菸廠 建於西元 1937 年,前身為「臺灣總督府專賣局松山菸草工場」,是台灣現代化工業廠房的先驅,同時也是第 一座專業的捲菸廠。隨著時代的變遷,香菸市場競爭力下降等原因, 松山菸廠停止生產,從而正式走入歷史。 2001年,台北市政府將松山菸廠指定為第99 處市定古蹟,轉型為臺北東區最具藝文氣息的祕密花園。松山文 創園區積極配合各項藝文、文創活動,以及辦理設計產業、視覺產業及跨界展演之活動。民眾除參觀展覽之餘 ,漫步在園區裡,享受台北都市生中難得的悠閒,探索建於1937年的古蹟建築,感受園區匯聚的嶄新創意能量 ,品味難得的古今交替獨特氛圍。
今年,IxDA台灣社群大腳一跨,從網路,走入馬路;從幕後,邁往舞台。透過互動連結的力量,號召世界級的 設計菁英人士齊聚古園區,鑑古知今,為4月份的臺北妝點出濃厚的創新氣息,也為下個百年重點產業,在亞 洲,在世界發光發聲,力爭一席之地! 2012的臺北與世界接軌的互動設計大會將是一個「起點」,為互動設計 領域帶來深度交流和激盪。展現臺灣設計、創意的軟實力,開創嶄新天地。
T:(02) 2745-8199




搭乘212、232、240、263、270、299、 919、1800、1815、忠孝新幹線於「聯合報」站下車後,沿忠孝東路四段553巷進入(刑事警察局巷口),即可看到松山文創園區入口。





基隆路1段156號地下2層 08:00-20:00,每小時30元

* 資料來源:台灣創意設計中心 (


Call For Sponsors

In an effort to better connect with designers and partners of Interaction Design’s community, we’re teaming up with 2012 International Conference on Interaction Design in Taipei, Taiwan (We call it - Redux 12, for more details, please check here: 
Unique day, Unique time. Most designers who help conceive and shape products and services will be attending (including product manager, creative director, interaction designer, human-computer interaction engineer, usability engineer, user experience researcher, and academic researcher, etc.)

PPTConference document is available for download! DOCConference document is available for download!

Now we are looking for sponsors!!

Sponsors are very important to the conference and the conference committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized. We like you to consider becoming a sponsor. If you wish to support Redux2012@Taiwan as a sponsor of any kind, please check this PDF(link) above, and contact: Aidan Wu /


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All About Interaction!


Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface

2012 IxDA Interaction Redux @ Taiwan


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

April 28th, 2012, 13:00pm-22:00pm

IxDA (Interaction Design Association, IxDA) 是一個國際性非營利組織,始於2003年,致力於互動設計 (InteractionDesign, IxD) 的專業實踐與傳播,連結全球超過20,000名會員及世界各地的80多個地方分會 (包含台灣)。每年都會舉辦名為「Interaction」 國際研討會議 (如今年於愛爾蘭首都都柏林 (Dublin) 舉行的 Interaction 12);而會議結束後,再由各國分會接力響應,把 Interaction 大會的熱門議題,延續到每個城市,名為「Interaction 12 Redux Events」亦即互動設計的在地化延伸推廣。

隨著亞洲經濟崛起,亞太地區各國靠著「軟實力」發光,在全球的影響力日益顯著。從工業設計 (ID) 到當紅的互動設計 (IxD),台灣並沒有在這一波浪潮缺席,只是,我們需要更多的舞台演出與關注。IxDA台灣分會從2010年獲得總部認可註冊後,快速成長連結超過 300 位互動設計專業成員,垂直各階層,水平各領域,成為台灣互動設計影響深遠的重量級社群。深受總部肯定,今年首次也是亞洲首先獲邀的分會 (與各國分會聯合響應 Redux 12 活動)。在台灣各界的引頸企盼下,我們將以與世界接軌為使命,推廣互動設計知識為實踐,在4月28日松菸園區舉辦國際研討會,促進產官學間知識群的緊密交流,向世界展現台灣互動設計的能量。

我們已經無法擺脫科技,而科技也充斥生活中各個情境。科技與人性兩者間的激盪與融合,彰顯今日互動設計的重要性無可言喻,「互動設計是為了減少摩擦力!」讓人與手中所使用的產品和服務之間建立有意義的對話關係。本次大會將以駕馭互動,想像未來互動模式與介面為研討主題(Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface),前瞻明日使用者介面與互動模式的發展鴻圖,做為各界思考未來互動設計方向之建設性觀點,攜手驅動台灣「軟實力」發展競爭力。


活動名稱:2012 台灣IxDA互動設計國際研討會 研討內容:Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface 活動日期:4月28日 (星期六) 13:00 – 22:00 活動地點:台北松山菸廠文化園區 (台灣創意設計中心) 活動官網: 活動人數:240 人 共同主辦:IxDA Taiwan, 台灣創意設計中心, 悠識數位 (UserXper)
聯絡人:IxDA台灣分會 林居穎 執行長 電子信箱 電話:0921.650.598
See you !! Saturday 28th April 2012 @ Songshan Tobacco Factory, Taipei, 13:00pm
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